Case Study:  Metrology Client

Problem before ProCalV5 :

The client is one of the biggest names in Engineering Services in Asia serving both the public as well as the private sector. The client has 10,000+ spreadsheets for 10,000+ assets to maintain asset information, tests, math computations and reporting for each calibration cycle.  Client was using a well known calibration software but still had to use spreadsheets to manage calculations.

Issue 1: Each calibration activity means the client creates a new spreadsheet and the volume of spreadsheets keep increasing.  The process to prepare the spreadsheet for a new calibration activity takes up to 1 hour.


Issue 2:  The client had sieve through multiple spreadsheets to look at work histories to derive data analytics which takes hours and sometimes days, to provide value add services to clients.

Issue 3: The client spends a lot of time to trace errors in data entry or calculations in spreadsheets during a hectic period.  A review of the work to identify errors takes from days to weeks, to trace the initial error or a mid-phase error in calibration jobs.


Issue 4:  The client takes at least 1 hour to prepare the calibration and relevant reports.


Issue 5:  The client had to undertake a rigorous training process over a week to bring any new or replacement staff.


Issue 6: The client had to separately maintain non-compliance and corrective action documentation.


Issue 7: The client had to manually sign off each process in the calibration and/or maintenance activity.

Solution via ProCalV5 :


Solution 1: ProCalV5 allows the client to setup all the assets one-time.  The assets were imported into ProCalV5 using a validated Ms Excel template.  The ProCal data load utility checks the client spreadsheet for data errors in the spreadsheet before loading the data into ProCalV5. Now with ProCalV5, the client takes less than 20 seconds to prepare for a new calibration.


Solution 2: ProCalV5 is one-click to access work histories.  Reporting analytics are available in ProCalV5 for immediate access to provide value add to clients.


Solution 3: ProCalV5 immediately flags errors as data is entered.  Now the client can ensure 100% accuracy in their work.


Solution 4: ProCalV5 automatically generates all associated reports the moment a record is saved.  That increases productivity by well over 100%.


Solution 5: ProCalV5 helped the client reduce training time down to 1-2 days for new and replacement staff.


Solution 6: ProCalV5 automatically flags non-compliance and allows client to write up a corrective action and link it to the calibration record.


Solution 7:  ProCalV5 allowed the client to create electronic workflows that could be digitally signed off by all levels of staff e.g. technician, supervisor, manager, quality manager etc.


Summary:  ProCalV5 successfully resolved all client concerns. The client has experienced higher productivity from weeks to minutes across various activities (over 1000% increase in productivity), quicker automated workflows that could be digitally signed even when staff were not in the office, higher accuracy of results, better managed human resources and training, and huge cost savings (Above $250k) associated to product write-offs (better shelf life management), personnel resources on calibration and maintenance jobs using ProCalV5.