MAP Your ISO Documentation with PROCALV5 For More Efficient Audits and Operations.

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SME 2020 is an initiative to encourage Calibration laboratories and companies to use ProCalV5 to manage their quality and compliance requirements (E.g. ISO 9001, 17025, 13485, FDA etc) in calibration and maintenance operations.   ProCalV5 complies with validation requirements for ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 (Custom Developed Software does not meet this requirement).  

ProCalV5 allows companies to simplify their ISO audits using ProCalV5 workflows, client data and asset information, calibration and maintenance test parameters, calculations, reporting and documentation procedures. Each workflow which can be signed off using electronic signatures.   Easily manage calibration and maintenance contracts using Planned Maintenance and manage Walk-in or Adhoc calibration and maintenance jobs using Maintenance Requests.  Manage calibrations and maintenance in the lab, on-site or off-site effortlessly and securely without compromising company data.

Each Instrument and Test Instrument can be setup with multiple tests and test points along with the uncertainty budget, or other test type package (e.g. Pressure Safety Valve, Pipette etc) one-time.  Saving the calibration data automatically produces the Calibration Report, Trend and other analytics Report.  Over 80 reports pre-loaded ready to use in ProCalV5.

Here are some examples of workflows in ProCalV5:

  1. Registering a new asset

  2. Receiving asset from customer

  3. Reviewing quality documentation (especially helpful before an audit)

  4. Completing calibration

The SME 2020 Package is a SGD10,000.00 package that comprises of 5 items:

  1. ProCalV5 3 User License (One-time payment. Not annual subscription)

  2. Migrating Data into ProCalV5

  3. Training (All Users)

  4. 1 Year Annual Support

  5. Validation letter

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PROCALV5 drives productivity and compliance and lowers costs for Service Companies, Plants & Laboratories.

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