When it comes to managing instrument calibrations, maintenance jobs and system qualifications, ProCalV5 offers unique advantages whether for single sites, multiple sites or an entire group of companies, your workflow and oversight practices can be automated, systematized and improved. For FDA, ISO 9000-2001, QS 9000, ISO 17025, ANSI 254, AS9100 and other quality, environmental and safety requirements, migration to paperless operations has become the proven strategy to achieve cost savings, ensure regulatory compliance, and build a strong foundation for continuous improvement.

For the Most Compliant and Secure Calibration & Maintenance

Environment validated GAMP5

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Are you still managing calibrations and maintenance by paper or spreadsheets? Did you know you can use a documenting calibrator to automatically transfer test data to calibration software designed for the task can decrease the amount of time spent on calibration in many cases by up to 75%?
You could store results in a spreadsheet or generic database.  That will get you paperless and you'd end up with hundreds or thousands of spreadsheets, with very limited benefits. The risk of human error and compromised data integrity will still be high and data entry will be time consuming, further it won’t automate updating calibration due dates like software designed for the job.  That is why...
ProCalV5 and ProCal Direct is used by thousands of clients across many industries to enhance quality, calibration and maintenance operations, increase productivity, automate engineering test routines & reporting which lower costs through automation & paperless workflows very cost effectively.   Whether it is a manufacturing plant, engineering or pipeline company, R&D laboratory, ProCalV5...
  • Improve assets (instruments, equipment and loops) and pipeline performance and integrity with real-time insights and analytics

  • Proactively reduce or eliminate asset (instruments, equipment and loops) and pipeline downtime by quickly responding to early warnings of asset failure

  • Allow better collaboration and visualization by centralizing asset (instruments, equipment and loops) performance data using explorer view

  • Improve workforce productivity while reducing safety risks, operations and maintenance costs

  • Manages assets across a single or multiple sites very easily and cost effectively

Here are some examples of how ProCalV5 benefits our users in their respective industries: (Please click the links below.)

Industries Served By ProCalV5 & ProCal Direct Include:
Life sciences, Chemical Production & Processing, Power Chemical/ Petrochemical Refining, Gas Production/Custody Transfer, Food & Beverage, Pulp & paper, Semiconductor, Mining, Military, Hospitals/Universities, Metals, Process Manufacturing, Transportation/Municipal/ Utilities, R&D, Test and Metrology Laboratories, Instrument Service Companies, Others

We are software compliance experts. All versions of ProCalV5 software are internally tested and validated before release. IQ/OQ/PQ protocols can be provided. GAMP 5 level validation project plans, all necessary documents and any needed services are available to ensure compliant use at your locations.  Among the objectives include GMP = Good Manufacturing Practices & QSR = Quality System Regulation

Cloud Computing

With ProCal Direct calibration software you can instantly access your professionally hosted calibration & maintenance data from anywhere via a validated Cloud-based

solution.  ProCal Direct ensures total data security by hosting on a SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 audited environment.

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The ProCal DeviceSync system allows for rapid and secure data transfer of Downloaded Tags and Uploaded Results to and from your ProCal system with users anywhere in the world. A perfect complement to a SaaS or Enterprise-wide deployment of ProCal, users can perform calibrations and retrieve results faster than ever before! Including the new optional File Transfer feature, users can also simplify and expedite delivery of files from their remote PCs into and out of the file servers used for their ProCal deployment.

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ProCalV5 / ProCal Direct has been specifically designed to provide the features necessary to satisfy the strictest of compliance requirements. These comprehensive control features support the compliant record management dictated for cGxP operations per 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 9000-2001, QS 9000, ISO 17025, ANSI 254 and others.

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Security & Mobility

Paper-based calibration practices are costly and time consuming and they increase the risk of human error and non-compliance. ProCalV5 off-line Mobile Workstations utilize the full program interface and incorporate all 21 CFR Part 11 compliant controls. Sophisticated import/export features ensure data integrity.

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ProCalV5 software with Documenting Process Calibrators offers the “Best of Breed” fully-automated, cost competitive, paperless calibration solution that will improve productivity by 50% or more over antiquated paper intensive practices. For the single-user technician up to enterprise level managers, this comprehensive system eliminates human errors both in the field and during subsequent quality review.

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With ProCal eView, select system reports can be automatically emailed to designated recipients, and on a routine calendar basis securely! In addition, maintenance requests can be launched securely via ProCal eView from anywhere with a web connection and by using almost any type of hand-held mobile device.

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Test Type Packages

&  Application Integration

ProCalV5 Test Type Packages are designed to support advanced paperless functionality with comprehensive testing and maintenance routines for a full range of complex systems and devices.


Test Type Packages are one of numerous advanced enhancements in ProCalV5, and can be customized to your specific needs. Developed for use in all environments, we take your specifications and automatically determine Pass/Fail calibration results regardless of the procedure complexity or algorithms involved.

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Integration with other applications may be a critical part to your requirements for sharing of processes and data among different applications like SAP, Maximo, Oracle, Infor, CMMS and more.   ProCalV5 can also be integrated with other systems including Plant / Facility Management Systems (Rockwell,  Emerson, Schneider Electric, Aveva, GE Predix, Siemens etc).  

Interface requirements vary greatly by organization and should be evaluated by Prime Technologies engineers before a solution can be proposed. 


Our Data Exchange Utility and ProCal Connector allow calibration data and records to be shared with other applications. They are used to facilitate a standard interface between the ProCalV5 database and your outside systems for data insertion and manipulation efficiently and securely.

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